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by | Sep 28, 2023 | Computer Science, Web Development

Here we are going to discuss about the top five online web development courses from our extensive experience, which courses have been beneficial for lot of people. Since, selecting the right courses is crucial for beginners, as it can prevent you from constantly switching between different courses and wasting valuable time in the search for the most suitable one.

So, here is the list of courses that we would suggest for you:

1) [Udemy] The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu

This is among the top-notch beginner-friendly courses I’ve come across, and it greatly assisted me in my learning journey. While it isn’t free, the cost is quite affordable, and you can easily find it on Udemy. This course provides a comprehensive path from a complete novice to becoming a full-stack web developer. It covers topics such as Web2 and Web3 development, Unix command line usage, EJS templates, deploying applications with MongoDB Atlas, minting NFTs, and much more. If you prefer a hands-on, project-based approach to learning, this course is an excellent fit for you. By the course’s conclusion, you will have created 16 web development projects, including a blog website, a RESTful API, and even your own cryptocurrency token.

Course LinkThe Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp

2) [Udemy] The Web Developer Bootcamp 2023 by Colt Steele

While this course is not free, it is well-suited for beginners and offers a comprehensive journey into full-stack web development. Throughout the course, you’ll gain proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, modern JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, and other relevant technologies. Topics covered include building apps with CRUD functionalities, delving into advanced concepts such as Express routing, implementing user authentication, utilizing mongoose for database interactions, addressing error handling, and more.

This course is particularly beneficial for those interested in full-stack development and incorporates project-based learning. You’ll have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills by creating a JavaScript browser game, designing a landing page, crafting an animated to-do list, and more. Additionally, you’ll explore advanced API monitoring tools like Postman, master asynchronous JavaScript API calls, utilize Node Package Manager for installing useful packages, and learn techniques for preventing SQL injection and XSS attacks, among other valuable skills.

Course LinkThe Web Developer Bootcamp 2023

3) [Codecademy] Web Development Courses

Codecademy provides a total of 157 paid as well as free courses on web development in the form of Career Path, Skill Path and Course.

There are three career paths:

a. Full-Stack Engineer

The Full-Stack Engineer path is a beginner friendly, 6-months long professional certification course that will cover all the topics you need to learn to complete a real-world project from start to finish. The path will start from the front-end covering topics such as fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and will teach you how to develop a website locally and then deploy it in a server. It will touch upon a popular front-end framework React and teach global state management using Redux. Another benefit of taking this course is that you will learn PostgreSQL, a widely popular database system that’s suitable for large scale applications. This path also has modules on interview preparations, so you can take advantage of the skills you learn to pass interviews and secure a job.

b. Front-End Engineer

The Front-End Engineer path is a beginner-friendly, 350 hours long professional certification course that will teach you how to create beautiful, functional and fast websites. Apart from the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and deployment, it will cover granular details of CSS transitions and animations. This path is project-based, so you will develop a Reddit Client website to put your learned skills into practice. It also has a module on interview skills, to help you secure a job in the industry.

c. Back-End Engineer

A beautiful website alone is of no use, if the required backend infrastructure is not present. That is why, building a strong knowledge base on processes that run behind the scenes is important. In this beginner-friendly, 4 months long professional certification course, you will learn to setup development environment, learn Git and GitHub, make AJAX calls, use advanced relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL and much more. Moreover, you will learn user authentication and authorization, data security and common security threats. You will also learn about website performance, CDNs, scalability and DevOps. All in all, this path is an excellent choice if you want to become a backend engineer.

Link to the page- Code Academy web development courses

4) [LinkedIn Learning] Become a Full-Stack Web Developer

This comprehensive paid web developer program encompasses a wide range of web development technologies. It begins with foundational classes on HTML and CSS, providing in-depth lessons on CSS Grid and Flexbox. The curriculum also includes modules on JavaScript, search techniques, and Git version control.

As you progress, you’ll delve into the React Library for front-end development, covering fundamental concepts and advancing to topics such as routing, testing, and deployment. On the backend, you’ll acquire expertise in Node.js, as well as both SQL and NoSQL databases.

An outstanding feature of this course is its DevOps module, which explores subjects like infrastructure automation, continuous delivery, and reliability engineering, among others. Additionally, this course offers tutorials for both SQL and NoSQL, giving learners a comprehensive understanding. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to explore popular server technologies like PHP, .NET, and Ruby on Rails as part of this program.

Course Link- Become a full stack web developer

5) [FreeCodeCamp] Frontend Web Development Bootcamp

This course is freely accessible on both the FreeCodeCamp website and their YouTube channel, making it a beginner-friendly and easily comprehensible resource. Its primary goal is to equip you with the fundamental skills necessary to embark on a career as a front-end developer.

Within the JavaScript section of the course, you’ll find comprehensive lessons covering various topics, including callback functions, regular expressions, error types, and the Document Object Model (DOM), among others. Additionally, the course offers guidance on responsive web design using HTML and CSS, with a focus on important concepts like the CSS Box Model and Flexbox. Towards the latter part of the program, you’ll apply your newfound knowledge to create a Testimonials page.

Course Link- Frontend Web Development Bootcamp

In conclusion, embarking on a journey to become a proficient web developer has never been more accessible. With a multitude of online resources at your fingertips, you can choose from a variety of courses tailored to your skill level and career aspirations. Whether you’re a complete beginner eager to take your first steps into the world of coding or an experienced developer seeking to expand your skill set, the right course is out there for you.

We’ve explored a curated selection of top-notch online web development courses, both free and paid, each offering a unique learning experience. From the hands-on, project-based approach of courses like ‘The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp’ on Udemy to the comprehensive curriculum of ‘Become a Full-Stack Web Developer’ on LinkedIn Learning, there’s something for everyone.

Remember that the key to success in web development lies not only in enrolling in the right course but also in your dedication to learning and consistent practice. As you progress through your chosen course, don’t hesitate to explore additional resources, participate in coding communities, and build your own projects. The web development landscape is ever-evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends is essential.

Ultimately, the path you choose to pursue in the world of web development is a personal one. So, take the time to assess your goals, learning style, and budget when selecting the ideal course. Regardless of which course you choose, the skills and knowledge you gain will empower you to create innovative web solutions, contribute to exciting projects, and embark on a rewarding career in the tech industry.

Start your journey today, armed with the knowledge of the best online web development courses, and watch your web development skills flourish. Happy coding!

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